Thank You for Purchasing a Quick Start!

We need a few things from you now that you have paid for your Quick Start.


Once your Quick Start is ordered, it will include one initial consultation with a Sales Manager and Account Set Up Representative to implement your CRM strategy, set up your groups and custom fields (this also includes importing ALL of your lists and contacts). 


Please choose (2) of the following below, and email examples and any relative information to so that we can create and develop the following choices for you:

1. Basic email or newsletter design using one of our existing templates and customized to meet your needs - Example
2. Up to three signup forms created by our account set up staff - Example
3. Custom email drip campaign created and scheduled to target a specific group in your account - Example
4. If a website is needed, we will assist in the setup of a new website using the RICH CRM website manager using one of our existing templates with a maximum of 10 pages with only three revisions (*adding content extra- see A La Carte Pricing) - Example


Thanks again, and we will be in touch with you shortly!