Integrate Chat on your Website with your CRM

RICH CRM's integration with Olark allows you to install a live chat system on your website and have that chat synchronize with your CRM.

You can see it in action on our own website (look at the chat box in the bottom right corner of this screen).  When you engage with us, we store that conversation in the RICH CRM CRM, just like you can.  Why is that important?

  • Keep a record of all conversations
  • Engage marketing automation tools and CRM workflows with people who can follow up 
  • Incorporate chats in to lead scoring and predictive analytics

Olark live-chat integration

With our reporting tools, you can see a visual representation of the number of chats that have been automatically linked to your CRM.  You can click on the chart to see a list of that day's chats and from there pull up details for those contacts and their chats.

Why Live Chat?

Live Chat is a powerful way to engage with interested people in real time.  As you will see from Olark's system, the chat widget is easy to install and operate.  

What do we collect?

We will automatically store the chat conversation, name, email, and phone number (if provided) in the CRM.  This ensures a complete integration with the rest of the information you collect in your CRM.

RICH CRM live chat CRM

The Goal

The goal of RICH CRM's live chat integration is to save you time while effectively collecting relevant information.  When combined with our ticketing system, you will have a complete picture of your contacts' interaction with you.

How does it work?

It's easy!  Just a few steps will set you up:

1.  Set up your Olark account

2.  Create your RICH CRM group for your live chats (people who chat with you are automatically added to this group)

3.  Go to your RICH CRM Group Setup > Chat page and get your Olark Webhooks URL

4.  Go to Olark's Integration > Webhooks page and enter the URL from the RICH CRM Chat instructions

5.  Install your Olark Chat code on your website

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