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As a subscriber of RICH CRM, once logged into your account, you have easy access to our searchable help database. Simple click the "?" icon in the top navigation of the software. Just about everything you need to know can be found here, from the basics to advanced tools. There are even help videos!


Written Answers

How does RICH CRM work?

RICH CRM is a user-friendly, web-based system for managing business marketing and operations. Our goal is to help these businesses simplify and streamline what they do every day by combining useful tools into one easy-to-use package.

What kinds of businesses can I manage with RICH CRM?

RICH CRM is flexible enough to help you manage any kind of business. From consultants to lawyers to building contractors, you have the tools at your disposal to make running your business easier.

What makes RICH CRM special?

RICH CRM is a user-friendly application built by experts in management, marketing, accounting, and operations. Our goal is to make your job as CEO easy with a web application that's fast, effective, and powerful.

How does to the competition?

The quick answer, is that nothing stacks up to RICH CRM's combination of features, while still saving you up to 80% or more on your marketing software expenses. Here's a little comparison:

Our example case: a business with 1,000 contacts ($20/month with RICH CRM)

Service Competitor Competitor's Price
Email Marketing Constant Contact $30/month
+ $5/month email archive
+ $5/month file storage
Calendar and Events Trumba, Helios $100-200/month
CRM Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce (basic plans, only includes one user) $25-$50/month
Project Manager BaseCamp (up to 35 projects) $49/month
Website Builder GoDaddy Premium (e-commerce not included, only includes one site) $20/month
Wiki Manager Confluence (max 10 users) $150/month
Survey Builder SurveyMonkey (max 1000 responses) $20/month


Remember, none of these software components talk to each other, while RICH CRM keeps all of these functions combined in one system. And in the above cost calculations, we don't even talk about some of the other features available to you like our Brand Monitor, Coupon Builder, Forum Manager, and more!

Can I import my contacts from another system?

Absolutely! We have easy-to-use contact import tools, and if you're REALLY busy, our support staff can do your import for you. Just ask! We're happy to help!

Can I download my schedule?

Yes, schedules can be downloaded in vCalendar or iCalendar format for easy integration into everyone's calendar software (Outlook, Palm, Google Calendar, etc).

Why do some images I upload into my account not change?

In order to properly use RICH CRM, you need to ensure your browser does not store images and pages in your cache. In Internet Explorer, the best way to do this is to go to Tools - Internet Options - General, click on the Settings button under Temporary Internet Files, and select the button for "Every visit to the page".

Why do all accounts require a password to log in?

RICH CRM is dedicated to protecting the privacy of our users. We encrypt all username and password data for your safety.

Do I need to download anything to use RICH CRM?

No - RICH CRM is entirely web-based.

Which web browsers can I use with RICH CRM?

RICH CRM has been tested with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari. Be sure you have the latest version of your web browser, as RICH CRM uses cutting edge technology to bring you state-of-the-art business management. For the best user experience, we strongly recommend your screen resolution be at least 1024 pixels wide.

How do you safeguard the information stored in the RICH CRM account?

First, we will never sell, distribute, or share any information about your business without asking your permission FIRST (and no, we won't bury that permission in fine print). Secondly, we realize that your personal information should be kept that way and have endeavored to create the most secure system, with state of the art firewall protection and very restricted access (each account is in its own database, separate from all others). Lastly, we will always communicate with registered business owners when we have major upgrades or maintenance being done to the system. All members of RICH CRM can elect to be on our mailing list.

Do you have a page with your logo graphics on it?

Yes, our logo is available on our Resources page. You may only use our logo with our express written permission.

Ask yourself...

  • How much simpler would your life be if you only logged in to one software system every day?
  • Does saving money every month sound good to you? Do you like being able to predict your monthly software costs?
  • Can you track individuals visiting your website and recall that data easily?
  • Can you send follow-up emails and surveys to people who attend your events?
  • Can you build professional-looking websites and storefronts in under 10 minutes?
  • Can you set up a fundraiser in under 10 minutes?
  • Does your current contact management or CRM system protect your data from being downloaded?
  • Does your CRM automatically synch up with your email marketing, social media, event registration, e-commerce, project management, and website analytics?
  • Do you have a real, secure, knowledge base or continuity documentation in place for your team?
  • Does your email marketing integrate seamlessly with your social media?
  • Do you need a full-featured, easy-to-use project management system that ties in to your CRM?
  • Do you like having all your company's events, public and private, able to be synched with the right calendars automatically?

Here's a hint - RICH CRM does all this!

CRM is at the core of RICH CRM - how does it combine with the other main functions?

I already use another software package. Should I switch?

Of course! We will help you with the transition to make it easy and fast. Check out comparisons against some of our competition:

Do you have any other whitepapers or case studies I can look at?

We have many success stories, click here to see our case studies and white papers.

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