Integrate RICH CRM's Marketing Tools with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you currently use Microsoft CRM, we have a convenient way to link your CRM with our marketing automation engine.  Leverage RICH CRM's integrated email marketing, social, mobile, web analytics, and predictive tools to get the most out of your leads and contacts.

The plugin is free for all RICH CRM users and a great way for Dynamics CRM clients to access RICH CRM's powerful sales and marketing solution

Download the plugin from the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

Once you have downloaded the plugin, your network administrator can install and configure the tool to get you up and running in no time. 

Full installation instructions are available here: CRM-Microsoft-Dynamics-CRM-Plugin-Installation-Documentation.pdf

The purpose of the RICH CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM synchronization tool is to push contact information quickly and easily from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to RICH CRM.

Anytime a new contact is added into your Dynamics CRM, the contact is automatically synced with your RICH CRM database.  Users can also retrieve RICH CRM Group information from within Dynamics CRM making it easy for you to manage all of your contacts within the database. 

New Contact in Microsoft Dynamics:

Microsoft Dynamics Contacts

New contact is already in RICH CRM, upon login:

Microsoft Dynamics RICH CRM Contact

Manage the Connection between Dynamics CRM and RICH CRM: 

RICH CRM CRM plugin screencap

Download the RICH CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM synchronization users guide here: CRM-Microsoft-Dynamics-CRM-Plugin-Usage-Documentation.pdf

For more information about the plugin, please visit: CRM

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