RICH CRM: Your Business Operating System.

Perfect for agencies and consultants.

As an agency or consultant, you know how hard it can be to manage multiple clients. Especially if your role in the company is CEO, VP of Marketing, PR AND Office Manager. The RICH CRM Business Operating System makes managing multple clients/accounts quick and simple. Switching between client tasks is as easy as a simple drop-down menu.

total integration with RICH CRM

RICH CRM offers a complete integrated solution so that you don't have to manage multiple software platforms. Let's say, you are creating an email newsletter for for client. You get a phone call from another client who needs content on their home page changed ASAP. Easy! Simply go to that client in your group menu and update their home page. When you're finished, you can go back the email design for the original client. That's just a fragment of the capabilities you have as a RICH CRM partner.

Agency with RICH CRM email editor on laptop screen

Your Business Operating System in the Cloud! RICH CRM provides the tools an agency or consultant needs, all in one safe and secure place. Save time AND money! Here are just a few of the features, your agency can benefit from:

Promote YOUR Brand!

Don't forget, by partnering with RICH CRM, your agency has the ability to white-label our software. This allows you to re-brand RICH CRM to be your own portal, meaning every email marketing piece, social network post and website will be "powered by" your brand. Your client base will be growing in no time!

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